The general principle that sofa puts
Release time:2018-09-19

1. The length of the sofa should match the size of the room. To sofa, want to consider is its length and width, whether should be in the size of the room, with the size of the room match, the height of sofa, be below knee commonly appropriate.

2. The sofa should not have sharp Angle. Sofa two side cannot be by ark Angle or desk, kitchen Angle, make up corner blunt shoot, easy make a person suffer from migraine. Plants with thorns should not be too close to the sofa.


No fish tanks or water behind the sofa. There is the article of fish crock and water kind behind sofa, for the situation that fight against water, do not have the article of water kind behind sofa accordingly, put fish crock in sofa backside is very bad, fish crock is placed in the front of sofa or one side is better.

4. The sofa should avoid the pressure from the beam. Lest cause depressive feeling, also benefit the body and mind health of the person, compare not good, want to avoid as far as possible when putting sofa so.


5. The decoration of sofa forms a circular shape. Please don't put in a row, the decoration of the sofa to put into the L shape, or two rectangular 凵 words, surrounded by to hide the wind to get together gas, finances two popular.

Don't have a light on the sofa. The lamp wants to install the tea table before sofa commonly above, do not install above, or strong light comes straight from the back, sit on sofa meeting makes a person nervous dazzle.


Don't have a big mirror behind the sofa. Hang a mirror on the wall can, such meeting makes the sitting room more capacious connect appear, but had better not be in the back of the main group part of sofa to hang a mirror, tell from geomantic learn theoretically, the mirror has reflection effect, cannot be hanged in this position so not can not be hanged casually random.


Don't make a straight line with the door. This is with door photograph blunt, compare not good, encounter this kind of circumstance, had better be the distance that moves sofa a bit, do not be right.


9. Back of sofa should be supported. Alleged have lean, be also depend on hill, it is to point to sofa hind solid wall, if sofa backside is window, door reachs channel, empty one, lacked safe feeling.


10. The sofa is located in jifang of the residence. Sofa should be put in the ji fang of the sitting room, sofa is the place that often sits lie in a family. If put in auspicious place, so whole family, can benefit, also can arrange sofa according to oneself like to avoid.