What does children household choice knowledge have?
Release time:2018-09-19

1. Security

Safety comes from two respects, it is furniture USES makings to want environmental protection, did not have all sorts of harmful material incidental, 2 it is the safety performance of furniture itself.

2. Bright and lively color combination

Childhood is a good time for children's creativity and character formation. Bright colors can attract children's attention and curiosity and stimulate children's creativity


An extremely outgoing personality has its advantages.

3. Furniture size, height and height for children

To special furniture, for instance the desk of children, stool, should choose concretely according to the child's height, had better choose those to make according to ergonomic principle.


Furniture dimensions should cooperate with the height of human body. Sit properly. It plays a key role in children's development, especially spine and vision.

Listen to your child