How to distinguish pure solid wood sofa from imitation wood sofa
Release time:2018-09-19

Imitation wood sofa; Alleged imitate real wood sofa is to look from exterior is real wood furniture, the natural grain of lumber, feel and colour and lustre are with real wood furniture one touch same, light is real wood and man-made board mix actually the furniture that use, already side board, the component such as fixed, bottom, gusset board USES the plane of veneer affix a face

Fancy board or medium density board fiberboard, door and drawer use solid wood. This process saves wood and reduces costs.


Solid wood sofa; All the materials used in the furniture are solid wood, including the desktop, wardrobe door panels, side panels, etc. are made of wood, not applicable to any other form of artificial board. Pure solid wood sofa has high requirement on technology and material. Solid wood selection, drying, finger joint, joint, etc

Ask very strict, if that working procedure is not strict, xiaoze appears crack, the joint is loose and so on the phenomenon, big then whole set of furniture is out of shape, so that cannot use.


Solid wood sofa surface is general east to see the real grain of lumber, guileless and composed, occasionally have a tree to knot then face to also reflect the material that gives pure and fresh nature, already natural, do not have chemical pollution, the healthy fashion choice when this furniture, accord with the heart demand of person lofty nature.

Solid wood furniture in the selection of materials on the domestic solid wood furniture for example, the type mainly; Beech, teak, maple, oak, ash, elm, admiration, pine, etc., with beech, teak the most expensive.